Week three in Tennessee…

In three weeks, we have had only two days with sunshine and nice weather. The leaves have all dropped and the rolling hills are mostly brown. Gray skies and cold air appear to be the norm at the moment. Determined not to let this dampen our spirits and knowing there is so much to explore and do here, we set out to make the best of it.

If you are ever in an area and are unsure of what to do, ask a local. We did just that and set our sights toward Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage. (4580 Rachel’s Lane, Nashville, TN)

We took the VIP tour – this is the only one that allows photographs and video. Russ and I both agree it was totally worth it! It says it runs for 1.5 hours, but ours ran a little longer (around 2 hours) due to members of the group (ourselves included) asking questions. Our group only had 6 people in it – perfect size!

I believe I learned more about Andrew Jackson in that 2 hours than I did during all of my schooling growing up. And while I think it would have been nice to have seen The Hermitage during nicer weather, the bad weather did keep away quite a few people so we were able to enjoy it without large crowds.


The rest of the week was pretty quiet. We took the Battle of Hartsville Driving Tour. There are numbered markers along the route but no information and in most of the locations, very little room to pull off on the side of the road. We used the link above to map out the route and learn what each stop was about.  Some of the markers were tricky to find and as far as we could tell, nearly all of the structures mentioned are no longer standing. Even still, Russ and I learned a bit more about Civil War history and had fun for a few hours tracking down the locations and doing the research.

Am I the only one who had never been to a Waffle House before? Everyone I run into lately seemed amazed that I had never been to one. Russ and I found one not too far from where we have been staying so we went for breakfast one morning. I still don’t get all of the hullabaloo, but I found the food was good, served fast and everyone there was friendly. Would I go again? Sure. Will I go out of my way for it? Probably not.  Given that they seem to be everywhere around here, they have ensured that I will not be put in that situation.

I did go out of my way to get my flu shot. Last year I opted not to get one and wound up getting the flu while I was on business travel. I had to cancel my return flight because I was so weak I couldn’t make it to the airport and spent an entire week alone in my hotel room. It was the most miserable week ever.  If getting my shot this year puts the odds in my favor even just a little bit to protect me against it – or at the very least make it not as severe…I am happy to get the shot. As full-time RVers, we aren’t close to our regular doctor, but thankfully we were able to stop in at any Walgreen’s and get it taken care of.

We wrapped up the week with Russ cooking! He doesn’t cook a lot, but when he does, he makes spaghetti with meat sauce. It was a wonderful treat – I think i’m going to go back for seconds!

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  1. Great video! Glad to see you’re having fun exploring Nashville, this is my husband’s hometown, a beautiful place and so much to see !

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