FULLTIME RV LIFE: MPG towing a Little Guy Max

We have been asked numerous times about our gas mileage when towing. In today’s video, we discuss our MPG as well as what things affect it while we are on the road.

Audio/Podcast of this VLOG: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/16564316

4 thoughts on “FULLTIME RV LIFE: MPG towing a Little Guy Max”

  1. Thanks for that info! Since mileage varies with the vehicle, having your input for people that have a similar set-up is extremely helpful 🙂 Safe travels!!

  2. Bruce & Ann Churchill in Fallbrook, CA. Thanks for the gas mileage video! Good stuff as always! We tow our LG Max with a Toyota Sequoia SR5 with the large 5.7 L engine after trading in our trusty 4Runner that wasn’t really a good tow vehicle for the Max. It worked OK with our A-Liner Expedition but the Max is 1500 lb heavier and a larger tow vehicle was definitely needed. We use a single sway bar on the hitch but that is more insurance than a necessity with this tow-trailer combo. Driving from Los Angeles to Paso Robles CA on I-5 the gas mileage was averaging about 8 MPG as on that route you’re pretty much going into the prevailing wind and the terrain is open farms, orchards and vineyards. It seemed like our Sequoia was working at about 3,000 RPM on this route thus the mileage was not that good. On the other hand, returning to Fallbrook via U.S. 101 along the coastal route and through LA at night, we averaged about 11.4 MPG (much cooler temps) and the RPM was closer to 2,000 RPM than 3,000 RPM. There are several moderate grades on this route (just north of San Luis Obispo and just south of Camarillo are the worst) but even with that we did OK on MPG.

  3. We left last Friday-we’re Gettysburg, PA right now and will be here through next week for the Hershey RV show. We will be going through NC in late Oct on our way back to FL for the holidays though

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