VLOG #37: Where to go when everything is booked? & Full-time RV Living Daily Recap

WHERE WE ARE: Hernando, FL 

WEATHER: Sunny! 70’s in the day – low for tonight in the 50’s

TOPIC: Options for when everything is booked!
Everything is booked and you don’t want to spend a night at Walmart? Tune in to see what we are doing when faced with that very situation. 

Bill Tee via YouTube: “all males see Garmin as a personal challenge”  🙂

Carla & Kenneth via FB: just a shoutout to see how you are doing in your new Little Guy Max!

Lynn Castleman via YouTube: Intech Sol

RV GIVEAWAYS! Not ours, but thought they were too cool not to share!

Nucamp T@B 320 giveaway – no cost to enter! https://nucamprv.com/giveaway/  Drawing 2/19/19

LG Mini Max Raffle! Girl Camper hosting giveaway with $10 per ticket. Proceeds going to HoldYou Foundation. https://www.rafflenetwork.com/public/66/992   Drawing 2/14/19

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