Vlog #45: “RV Nomads the Movie” Review and Full-time RV Living Daily Recap

Watch the RV Nomads Movie here: http://www.rvnomadsthemovie.com

Note: the movie is free to watch, but you will be prompted to sign up as a member for my.epicnomad.life (which is also free). Update: As of 1/12/19 you can also watch it on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/UzyWyH9r-To

Run-time 1 hour 22 min

Rating: didn’t notice one, but is appropriate for all ages Release date: November 15, 2018


RV Nomads – The Movie, is a documentary on the lives of a dozen families who have chosen to be full-time RVers. What prompted them to make such a decision, how has it impacted their relationships, and some of their insight is explored. Everyone highlighted in the movie is a known online personality either through YouTube or Blogging – they are:

Less Junk More Journey, Drivin & Vibin, Hebard’s Travels, RV Love, RV Chickadee, More than a Wheelin’, Audrey Callaham Music, Mortons on the Move, Always on Liberty, Chickerys Travels, Exploring the Local Life, Outside is Calling, as well as the founders of Xscapers!

FILMING LOCATIONS: Unknown areas – Southwest USA

LINKS RELATED TO THIS EPISODE:— my.epicnomad.life/share/BR3xmyPfJLhePl7x

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