Vlog #51 Little Guy Max Full-time RV Living: Q & A Tuesday

This week we cover surge protector security, shower condensation, propane tanks and ways to keep your items safe during transit!


  • John McKinney: How do secure your surge protector?
  • Marybeth Hromnak: I was wondering after you take a shower, how is the condensation in the trailer? I assume you put the fan on to take some of the moisture out, but if the moisture is in the trailer, how long does it take to dry out?
  • Tamera Everett: We put a little inflatable child’s beach ball in the microwave to stabilize that plate… You can inflate it is little or as much as you need to to occupy the space… And we’ve used 3’ inflatable children’s rafts and even floaty’s in smaller spots… Because you can inflate them however much is necessary… And then when you get to where you’re going you can deflate them, fold them up and put them away… Or if you’re lazy like we are we just leave them semi inflated and put them in the backseat of the truck
  • Tamera Everett: U-Haul stores refill propane tanks… And those suckers are everywhere
  • Kathi Vanderbilt: Our Ace Hardware stores refill tanks but Walmart doesn’t do it in our area. Check out this Website to find locations near you that refill or exchange tanks – https://www.amerigas.com/propane-loca…
  • Stacey Forrest: Don’t know if this is worth mentioning, but did you know road rock salt is also a dehumidifier?
  • Lynn Castelman (comment taken from Friday Night Wine): put kitty litter in socks and stash throughout camper to absorb moisture!

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