Q & A Tuesday

Vlog #56

Q+A Tuesday! Tune in to hear Kerry and Russ answer some of the viewer questions and comments submitted over the last week.

Questions/comments covered:

  • Dino Caroll: Love your t-shirts…how can we get one??? Michelle Hauser: Kerry, would you feel safe traveling the roads solo?
  • Stacey Forrest: Hey, did you guys notice if Liberty Outdoors had the keder rail on the 2019? I love those “bonnets” you can slide in (instead of the Thule awnings we have).
  • Oshtoolman: Kerry had mentioned the change in the bedroom in the area near the “headboard” that here isnt a UDB charger, just a 110v outlet. Good news. You can change that. You can change a reg 110 outlet to an outlet that has both 110v AND usb!! The outlets in the Max are regular household type. Here is a source (or Home Depot or ACE or a whole host of other stores). https://www.leviton.com/en/products/r…
  • Stacey Forrest: re: budget update: Does this mean more Camper Cooking with Kerry will return?
  • Petra Olsen: I think more home cooking is in order (sorry Kerry) 🙁
  • Improv Debi: Did the things you bought at the Harvest Host sites go under lodging or food? Since those are things you will eat & drink, I wondered where you included them?

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4 thoughts on “Q & A Tuesday”

  1. Hi there nomads, I just discovered your blog and I enjoy viewing your travels. I hope to one day be a nomad myself. I drove big rigs all over the country for many years but could not stop and explore but this time I will be on MY time schedule. Be safe out there and watch out for those crazy truck drivers. Big Dave signing out.

  2. Hello Kerry and Russ!
    We have an LG Max 2019 we purchased in October. We enjoy your Vlog on YouTube and always look forward to learning from you. We are especially interested in how you added a second battery, your “blueboy” as it is attached and the WDH on your rig. The thing we most would love would be photos of the things you are discussing and seeing how you are rigged up. I hope you can incorporate pics in your posts! I am a visual learner.! We travel with our border collie, Zep, and are contemplating how to take our cat. Yikes, that one, haha! Happy travels and thank you! Bonny

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