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Our Little Guy Max Adventures: Sedona, Cliff Dwellings & Moab

Our Little Guy Max Adventures

Boondocking in Sedona

Sunny skies, upper 70’s during the days and 50’s overnight with Sedona views are hard to beat. What could make it better? No reservations needed and we camped for free (a.k.a. ‘boondocking’)! Curious about the location? The area can be found HERE.

About the site

Just a short walk from our campsite

We arrived in the early afternoon and the area was busy. This is a well-known spot for ATV’s and they were there in abundance. The road is dirt and can be quite bumpy in spots, however we saw all types of RVs parked among the many campsites in the area. Most spots for camping have room for several rigs – we only passed by one area that was a solo spot. Be prepared for the red dust and dirt to cover everything! If you are looking for a site that has picturesque views head up at least 3 miles from the main road.

Navajo National Monument

Free campsite-Sunset View Campground at the Navajo National Monument

Another free campsite, this one was located at the Navajo National Monument in Shonto, AZ. We stayed at the Sunset View Campground, which is one of two campsites on location. This area is restricted to rigs smaller than 28′ long. There is a restroom and a dumpster on site. First come, first served – no reservations.

Cliff dwellings at Navajo National Monument

We arrived at the beginning of the season, so we were not able to sign up for one of the guided ranger tours down into the cliff dwellings, but we were able to take a brief walk down to an overlook. No dogs are allowed on the paths, but it is completely handicapped accessible.

Moab here we come!

The Xscapers RV group had a convergence in Moab, Utah with a few spots left open, so we signed up and made our way to an abandoned airstrip just south of the city where the event was being held.

View from our window at the Xscapers Convergence in Moab, Utah

More than 130 rigs are parked along this runway and it is a sight to see! We are all boondocking for the week in this location and the opening night potluck was amazing!

Fellow Xscaper, Scott, with his contribution to the potluck! Baked Brie – yum!

We are looking forward to a great week in Moab and a trip to Arches National Park is #definitely on the list!

Safe travels,

Russ & Kerry

Our Little Guy Max Adventures: Boondocking & Ostriches!

Boondocking location

This week we boondocked with some friends in Marana, Arizona at the Ironwood National Monument area.

The roads getting into the site

We are slowly easing into extending our time out dry camping. We went all week at the Escapade at the Pima County Fairgrounds dry camping with relative ease. After emptying the tanks, we decided to try our hand at a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) site just north of Tucson.

We arrived to our location just after noon on Saturday. We had read online about the area and were thankful to get the heads up about taking an alternate way into the area. Our gps wanted us to take a road called Silverbell Rd, but there is a small, narrow bridge with a weight limit of only 6,000lbs that way. If heading to the area, enter from El Tiro Rd onto N Pump Station Rd. The roads are dirt and bumpy, but if you go slow it is easily navigable.

Weather during this time

Sunset in Marana, AZ

Rainy season might make these areas difficult to traverse but it was completely dry for us and we ran into no issues. Daily temperatures ranged from the high 70’s to high 80’s in the day and low 50’s in the evenings.

Traffic in the area

There were other campers, but enough room to spread out and only see a glimpse of them off in the distance. Noise was not an issue as we never heard anything from any of our neighbors.

Things to note about the area

We felt very safe in the area and it gave us peace of mind to see the BLM rangers in and around the area. There are lots of prickly barbs on the ground and our dog, Abbey wound up with them sticking into her paws. We bought dog booties and that seemed to help significantly. Otherwise, here weren’t too many other creepy crawlies bothering us!

On our way to Phoenix

Rooster Cogburn’s Ostrich Ranch

On our way to Phoenix, we stopped off at the Rooster Cogburn’s Ostrich Ranch. It is perfectly situated between Tucson and Phoenix and a great chance to stretch your legs. Kids and adults alike can have a great time petting and feeding deer, rabbits, ducks, goats, donkeys, lorikeets and even stingrays! Cost is $12 per person ($15 if you want to feed the stingray).

While in Phoenix…

While we are in Phoenix for a few days, we stopped off at Tom’s Camperland – Mesa . If you are in the market to get a Little Guy Max or even a different RV, check them out!

Until next week….

Safe travels!

Russ & Kerry