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Free Camping in Florida

If you have followed us for any amount of time, you’ll know we love to boondock. Dry camping for free in western states is quite easy to find, but as we traveled to Florida, we started wondering what options are available. We found that yes, it is possible to camp for free in Florida! However, unlike most Bureau of Land Management areas out west, there are a few important steps you need to take before you arrive.

South Florida Water Management District

Recreational opportunities abound on over 1 million acres stewarded by the South Florida Water Management District. This includes RV-friendly camping! There are great locations that allow you to experience all Florida has to offer.

Hiking, fishing, camping, bird-watching, horseback riding, nature study, cycling, hunting, geocaching, stargazing – what’s your pleasure?

We have stayed at several SFWMD camping spots throughout Florida with varying degrees of amenities on-site. You are required to make a reservation by applying for a Special-Use-License (SUL) before you go and all the information about each location will be annotated online.

Tip: We like to also look up the location on Campendium and see other camper’s feedback and photos of a location

How to make reservations

While not exactly as easy as making a reservation at a traditional RV park, the District has done a good job at providing detailed instructions with current links:

Once you know how to navigate their website it’s fairly straightforward but it is a bit convoluted, so we suggest using the information and links from the document above.

What to expect

Here is an example of one of our favorite South Florida Water Management District locations: DuPuis Management Area:

Free Camping at DuPuis Management Area in Florida

About DuPuis


DuPuis Management Area
22500 SW Kanner Highway
Canal Point, FL 33438

The DuPuis Management Area is a 21,875-acre multi-use natural area located in northwestern Palm Beach and southwestern Martin counties. The property is interspersed with numerous ponds, wet prairies, cypress domes, pine flatwoods and remnant Everglades marsh. The area provides miles of hiking and horseback trails, an equestrian center, graded vehicle roads, backpack and group campsites and seasonal hunting. DuPuis is far from urban areas, and its dark night sky lends itself to excellent stargazing.

Campground Amenities

  • On-site Campground Host
  • Locked gate 24/7
  • Restrooms
  • Individual showers (note: lockable private rooms with hot water and great water pressure)
  • Potable water stations
  • Dump station
  • Fire rings
  • Picnic tables
  • On equestrian side: 2 barns and pens for horses
  • big-rig friendly


During our stay which was in mid-December, the campground was pretty full. That being said, everyone was spaced out and had plenty of privacy. Other campers kept to the quiet hours and we felt quite safe during our time there. The campground and its facilities are well maintained.

Other things to note:

  • Bugs were not an issue
  • Good Verizon and AT&T coverage with the ability to upload and download video with no issues
  • Plenty of sunny areas to camp for those that need solar but also many shaded areas.
  • OK to use generators

Staying at DuPuis

It is free to stay for up to 8 days per permit (30 days limit district-wide), Create an account at the South Florida Management District website and request a Special Use License for your stay. After you have completed the request, a link to your Special Use License will be displayed for you to view or print. In addition, you will receive emails with the gate combination (if available) and a link to view or print your Special Use License.

Keep in mind

There are actually five water management districts in Florida that offer free camping. Each one has its own registration system so it will take some time to register with each one. Check out this great article from Gone with the Wynns for more info: Florida’s five water management district campgrounds.

Other options for free stays

Florida has a growing list of Harvest Host locations! You do have to pay an annual fee to be a member and make a purchase at your host location, but the camping overnight is free and compared to what a typical night at an RV park in Florida runs, its definitely worth checking out! CLICK HERE for more information on Harvest Hosts and save 20% on an annual membership through December 30, 2020!

The Perks of a Digital Nomad Lifestyle

The nomadic lifestyle has been gaining more traction over the past few years as more people look for more flexibility and time for personal endeavors. True enough, statistics on on Forbes reveal that 27% of American professionals see themselves going independent in two to three years.

So, what exactly is behind this growing trend? Below, we take a closer look at the perks of being a digital nomad.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

You’re given the gift of travel

From seeing more of the world’s beauty to immersing yourself in different cultures, traveling is inarguably one of the most fulfilling experiences you can reward yourself with. While most people wait months or even years to go on a trip, traveling is part of a digital nomad’s job description. As long as you have a laptop, internet connection, and an adventurous spirit, you can work anywhere in the world — be it a tropical island or a cozy new city. This is a good complement to your work life, as NBC news shares that traveling abroad  provides you with the mental benefits of relieving stress, becoming more creative, and boosting your happiness. Plus, you don’t have to worry about maxing out those vacation leaves.

You learn to appreciate the essentials

In our Pros and Cons of Full-Time RVing post, we shared how RVing teaches you to be less materialistic, as the small space means you can only bring the essentials. Becoming a digital nomad, however, takes this powerful lesson to greater heights. Since you’re practically living out of a suitcase, you discover the value of what really matters in life — connection, experiences, and other people. Moreover, you also learn to become more resourceful when you explore new surroundings, whether it’s finding a nearby coffee shop or simply saving during your travels.

Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash

The city becomes your office

For digital nomads, the world isn’t just your oyster — it’s also your office. With this in mind, it gives you the opportunity to pick a destination that suits your lifestyle. For instance, Miami has a flourishing community, using new co-living areas and apartments with shared amenities. Consequently, numerous co-working spaces have also started sprouting up. Located at the heart of the city’s most diverse area, leading co-working firm Industrious’ Brickell office, sets you up for a rich cultural experience and a global network you can tap into — whether you want to rub elbows with startups or techies. Of course, the options are endless. Even in Southeast Asia, places like Bali are attracting digital nomads who are looking for a laid back, creative atmosphere amidst nature. All in all, being a digital nomad means you’ll have a vast and inspiring workplace no matter what city you’re in.

Work becomes more flexible

Although a 9-to-5 work schedule is standard for most offices, it’s easy for employees to feel trapped with this kind of set-up. To this end, working as a digital nomad means that you have more breathing room with your job, thanks to your flexible work hours. In fact, a PricewaterhouseCoopers study found that flexible scheduling increases productivity among workers, as they’re more focused on getting the work done than worrying about sticking to a timeframe. When it comes to living as a digital nomad, it’s safe to say that you get to experience the best of both worlds.