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Our Little Guy Max Adventures

Join us as we wrap up our time in New Mexico before moving on to Arizona in our Little Guy Max. We spent the majority of the week at Riverside Campground (just south of Caballo State Park) camping in the developed campsites area (no water/electric/sewer).

Bessie the Cow

We had the area pretty much to ourselves, except for our new friend Bessie the cow.

Every morning, she was there waiting to greet us with her big gentle eyes. During the day, she would cross the river and climb high up on the hillside only to return again each evening. Abbey was curious about her at first, but by the end of our stay, barely gave her a second glance. Abbey did, however, find some droppings Bessie left behind and proceeded to roll in it…..so Abbey also got a bath this week!

Generators & Jacks

We took advantage of the time there to show you some of the things that you have been asking about. Because we were dry camping, we ran our generator for a bit each day. Many of you have asked what generator we use – we use an Energizer eZV3200P. As you can see/hear in the video it really is quiet as far as generators go and it takes care of all our needs.

If you have been following us, you may know that we have had issues with our Lippert SmartJack. We decided to just be done with it and replace it with a manual jack – the Ultimate Trailer Jack from Tractor Supply: https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/the-ultimate-trailer-jack?cm_vc=-10005.

Harvest Host Time!

For our last night in New Mexico, we treated ourselves to a Harvest Host site: St Clair Winery in Deming, NM. https://stclairwinery.com/ If you ever go there and like sweet wines, get the Mimbres Red. Probably not a recommended pairing, but we also had to get a pizza from Forghedaboudit’s Pizza https://www.fgbpizza.com/ as this is one of Russ’s favorites!

As we passed the welcome sign to Arizona, we couldn’t help but realize that we are about to hit the next chapter of our neverending journey. With excitement we look forward to attending our first RV rally next week and then onward and upward to Alaska!

Safe travels,

Russ & Kerry

RV nomads explore Florida – Tomoka State Park and Harvest Host’s Island Grove Winery

2019: January 5-12

Come roam the roads with us and see what we have been talking about all week in VLOGs 45-49!  We continue our travels in Florida and explore Tomoka State Park and meet Captain Corn, stay at another Harvest Host site – Island Grove Winery in Hawthorne where we go on a fantastic tour and learn all about how they turn their organically grown blueberries into the most amazing wine and sangria, and while there, Abbey meets the vineyard’s unofficial ‘host’ – Blue! They quickly became the best of friends as you will see!

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