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RV News: Little Guy, RV Lifestyle, RV Parking Bans and RV Safety Warnings

See what caught our attention this week!

We start off with a bit of a wrap up of our current boondocking experience and then share what RV related news caught our eye.


Interstate RV Sales becomes the latest dealer for Little Guy Trailers! (click link for news source and full article )
**New authorized dealers for Little Guy Max Trailers!!
**Interstate RV Sales makes a donation to KOA Care Camps for every unit they sell!
**KOA Care Camps help children with cancer go to oncology camps For more information check out:
Interstate RV Sales
KOA Care Camps
Little Guy Trailers


Berkeley City Leaders Ban Overnight Parking: (click link for news source and full article )

Last night, city council leaders in Berkeley, CA got the final approval to move ahead with their Feb 28th vote to ban RV parking on city streets. Effective immediately, RVs will not be allowed to park on city streets between 2am-5am.

This ban is a result of more than 1500 complaints of illegal dumping of trash and human waste as well as lack of parking for local residents.

The council will be working on a permit system that will allow 2 week exemptions for permit holders.


How Camping has Changed (click link for news source and full article )

Mike Wendland from RV Lifestyle recently interviewed the CEO of KOA, Toby O’Rourke about the current trends in camping. Some of the highlights include:
**35% of campers are millenials
**Millenials camp in groups (8-10).
**72% increase over the last 5 years in individuals camping more than 3 times a year
**More people making reservations online. 48% of KOA’s advance reservations are completed online
**16 new KOA’s opened nationwide last year
**13 new KOA’s are currently being built
**Within 1 year, all KOA’s will be branded either as a Journey, Holiday or Resort designation.

For more information check out:



RV SAFETY WARNING (click link for news source and full article )

Suiet Hacks, a company dedicated to improving RV Safety has been hard at work trying to inform and correct significant RV safety issues on select Roadtrek and Hymer Aktiv motorhomes for electrical and plumping safety issues.

** ELECTRICAL: They report the inverter/charger has a grounding wire that is 5x too small to effectively ground the RV and prevent “hot skin” condition. (Hot Skin: when the sides of an RV become electrified…potential for person touching the RV to become the ground)

The solution: replace wire with a 6″ heavy gauge wire.
Total cost of parts: $1
Total labor time: 30 minutes

**PLUMBING: Suiet Hacks reports there is an illegal bypass with the water heater in Hymer Activs. Hymer installed a valve on a pipe that was designed to release steam or hot water in the event of excess pressure. If this additional valve is closed, the hot water won’t be able to release the pressure and could rupture.

Cost of parts to update: $125
Estimated labor: 1.5 hours

Other notes…

We mentioned in our video that we have been boondocking at a great site just north of Tucson, Arizona. For more information on the site, check out https://freecampsites.net/#!185426&query=sitedetails

Safe travels,

Russ & Kerry

Russ & Kerry 

RV News: Liberty Outdoors reveals 2 new units, RVX, NomadFEST, and Airstream Hotels

Vlog 87: RV News 03.13.19


Liberty Outdoors announces the latest to their Little Guy family at RVX this week! The Camp Rover has an optional flip-down upper bunk bed with a ladder that converts into a safety rail. Although built as a true camping trailer, the Camp Rover offers standard features including a full kitchen, wet bath, A/C, quick recovery water heater and ample storage including a 13-by-30-inch exterior pass-through baggage door.

The Camp Rover measures 21 feet long by seven feet wide, has an internal height of 6-foot, 7 inches and weighs 2,900 pounds. As with all Little Guy trailers, optional Rough Rider packages with off-road tires including spare and 2-inch lift as well as solar panels are available. See video above for photos!

The Micro Max weighs in at 1,700 pounds, has an overall height and width of 6 feet, 6 inches and a length of 16 feet, 3 inches. Like the Max and the MiniMax, the amenities include 100% hardwood cabinetry with dovetail construction. The MicroMax has a full kitchen, Thetford porta-potty, 19-inch TV with swing arm mount, custom double bed, entertainment center, interior speakers, custom pillow top mattress, under bed storage, A/C, and quick recovery water heater. 

Coming in 2020 will be the relaunch of Liberty’s Serro Scotty Sportsman trailer — a sportier version of the Serro Scotty trailer.

The RV Industry’s New Tradeshow [6:49 on video]

Liberty Outdoors is only one of many that will be at the newest trade show for the RV industry – RVX. aka the RV Experience. The show is currently underway, it started yesterday, March 12 and runs through tomorrow the 14th in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is replacing the RVIA National RV Trade Show that had taken place annually in Kentucky for ages. The biggest change for the show: a move away from sales of existing units and more focus on upcoming innovations.

Another interesting change – they will be rotating the location of RVX every year between Salt Lake City, San Antonio and Indianapolis.

NomadFEST: Latest update [8:51 on video]

An email came through on Monday evening from Eric Odom.

The biggest question on most people’s minds – if NomadFEST isn’t happening, when do we get our refunds?  Here is Eric’s response: 

NomadFEST: I tried to salvage this. I worked with several entities interested but at the end of the day it was too big a project for anyone to take on. I worked on a last ditch effort right up into last week. Sadly, it didn’t work out. NomadFEST will officially now have to be fully cancelled. 
Many thousands and thousands of dollars have been refunded to date. Refunds are processed daily as time permits. They will continue to be processed in the weeks to come. NomadFEST ticket holders will be communicated with separately so watch the inbox for those updates.”

As for the DVDs of their movie, Eric had an update for that as well:

We will soon have all DVDs in hand and still intend to ship them as soon as possible. These were paid for (The order, that is) many many months ago so that has been covered.”

To read entire message, go to: FULL EMAIL FROM ERIC ODOM

New Airstream Hotel [12:25 on video]

A San Francisco based company called AutoCamp announced a deal in December with Thor Industries to become the sole developer of Airstream Hotels. They have locations in Santa Barbara and Sonoma County but a third location is set to be opening up soon near the entrance of Yosemite National Park with 80 sites. Rates can be expected to hit up to $500/night during peak season. 


Scientists have discovered something that blocks all sound… [14:35 on video]

Every now and then, we come across something in the news that we can’t help put see through an RVer lens. Researchers from Boston University have created a small 3D printed ring that blocks out 94% of sound while at the same time air and light can pass through it. They have dubbed it acoustic meta-material. Our minds immediately went to “We can’t wait until this technology can be applied to generators!!”


That’s all for this week! Safe travels,

Russ & Kerry