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Big Benefits of Small Trailers

Small trailers and campers may be small in size, but there is a lot to be excited about. RV sales have been skyrocketing and the demand for small units only continues to grow. Why? There are some pretty great benefits that you may not have realized and they just may make you realize, bigger is not always better!

Small RV’s are better!

What is considered a small RV (small campers or small trailers)?

Typically speaking and for the purpose of this article, we are defining “small” as 5000 lbs or less and shorter than 24ft. Within this category, you will often hear terms such as mini, micro, and teardrop associated with a unit. There is also a differentiation between campers and trailers.

Travel trailers insulate campers from the wild while camping trailers immerse them in it

TAXA Outdoors

Small trailers allow more tow vehicle options

Not every RV needs to be towed with a large truck! Many small campers and trailers can safely be towed with SUVs and cars. MyPods, for example, can even be towed with a motorcycle. We own a Little Guy Max and tow it with a van. Just make sure you check your vehicle’s tow rating and use sway control and weight distribution when needed.

Campgrounds & getting in when others can’t

The days of pulling in to a campground at the end of a long day and expecting to grab a spot are nearly gone. Due to the increase in RV sales, more people are camping and campgrounds are filling up and spots can be hard to come by. We ran into such an issue over Labor Day Weekend. The campground was full, but the owner asked how long we were. We responded 21ft. The owner then gave a us a site typically reserved for Class B vans because we were small enough.

Are National Parks on your must-see travel plans? Keep in mind, National Parks also have length restrictions.

Maximum lengths for trailers, campers and motor homes vary from park to park. The average maximum length permitted is 27 ft, but some parks can accommodate up to 40 feet in length


Small RVs give you more room at campgrounds

Cramped spaces at campgrounds can be annoying. Give yourself more room with a small trailer. Small trailers take up less space and therefore give you more space to relax and enjoy outside at your site.

Take the roads less traveled

Small campers can often get to locations that bigger rigs can not access. Get off the beaten path and get your camera ready for those instagram-worthy photos! Read our post on Boondocking Basics and camp to an envious level in places most only dream about.


Spend less time on maintenance

You’ll still have routine maintenance, but since your RV is smaller it will take less time to do it. Spend more time camping and less time washing and waxing!

Save money on storage

If you don’t travel full-time, you need a place to keep your RV when not in use. Many small trailers and campers can be stored either in your garage or in your driveway, saving you hundreds of dollars a year. If you have a small trailer but still need to store it, fees are typically less for smaller RVs.

Small RVs are less intimidating for beginners

Whether it is being nervous about towing for the first time or worrying about fixing things if they go wrong (which you’ll learn is the expectation rather than the exception), small trailers and campers can’t be beat.

We have, what my husband calls “self-rescued” ourselves numerous times. We have been out in the middle of nowhere during the winter and our furnace stopped working – fixed it. Kitchen sink leaked – stopped it. We are not handy people by any means. But the simplicity of our trailer allowed us to problem-solve much easier. This not only gave us a sense of pride, but saved us time and money from bringing it back to the dealer for repairs.

5 of the best small RVs from the Tampa Supershow

Black Series HQ15: Best of Both Worlds

Bring on the adventure in style! The HQ15 trailer from Black Series combines the best of both worlds in this trailer with its rough, rugged exterior and sleek and stylish interior. Built to handle the Australian Outback, it’s ready for just about anything.

The most in-depth tour of the HQ15!

The exterior is anything but simple.

Every square inch of this trailer has been thoughtfully crafted and maximized to its full potential. A firewood rack caught us by surprise…let’s take a look at some of the other exterior features:

  • Tow with ease thanks to the new, patented cone nose which has been designed to be more aerodynamic.
  • Polyblock hitch for full 360° rotation
  • Custom designed independent suspension for a truly safe and smooth ride.
  • Diamond plates with European design lower section and corner bash bars
  • Custom designed independent suspension providing a smoother, more stable ride and safer towing
  • Tough, all-terrain tires are included with two full size spares.
  • Aluminum framing with roof and wall insulation [R16]
  • Striking black, red and gray graphics

What about the solar?

  • ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: 12V/ 120V electrical system with 2000 watt Black Series Inverter with a peak of 4000 watt and Charger with a custom Black Series control panel
  • BATTERIES: 2x AGM 100Ah Gel batteries
  • SOLAR PANELS: 2x Roof mounted 150w Solar panels

Let’s talk about the outdoor kitchen…

A pull-out kitchen prep area…not a huge surprise. What is surprising is the three-burner stove top, a good size sink and a fantastic extended countertop area. A sizeable awning extends well over the prep area so you can still enjoy cooking outside even if it’s raining or you are in need of some shade.

Definitely not roughing it.

Step inside the HQ15 and leave the world behind. High gloss cabinets, soft lighting and marine grade diamond stitched leather furniture await you after your day of adventure outside.

  • 16,000 BTU heater
  • Slim, multi-cycle Dometic AC
  • Lighted control panel conveniently hidden in upper cabinet
  • Queen size bed in north/south configuration (no need to climb over anyone in the middle of the night!)
  • Spacious dry bath with shower
  • 3-stage water filter

Most commonly asked questions about the HQ15

  • What is the full body length? 22.3 (ft)
  • What is the width of the HQ15? 7.3 (ft)
  • How tall is the HQ15? 9.67 (ft)
  • How much does the HQ15 weigh? 4,722 (lbs)
  • What is the GVWR of the HQ15? : 6,000 (lbs)
  • What is the size of the fresh water tank? The HQ15 has two tanks for fresh water. A 50 gallon general water tank and a 16 gallon drinking water tank
  • What is the size of the Grey water tank? : 26 gallons
  • What is the size of the black water tank? 26 gallons
  • How much is it? MSRP is $59,999 (as of 10/2019)

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