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Meet Me In Montana

A special Travels with Delaney and The Roads We Roam event in West Yellowstone!

check back regularly for updates-

  • July 7
    • Meet & Greet wine & cheese reception (hosted)
  • July 8
    • Activities in and around West Yellowstone (TBD)
    •  Potluck dinner
  • July 9
    • Activities in and around West Yellowstone (TBD)
  • July 10
    • Farewell Breakfast (hosted)

We recommend you make reservations at the Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park in West Yellowstone. The event is within walking distance to several other RV parks and hotels in the area, so if you can not get in at the Grizzly RV Park or if you don’t have an RV, you can still join in on the fun!

NOTE: There is no cost to attend the meet-up reception, potluck or farewell breakfast. Attendees are responsible for making their own camping/hotel reservations. Extra activities are at the discretion and cost of attendee(s).



You will receive an invitation to the event Facebook page where you can chat with other attendees and get up to the date event information!


Friday Night Wine: Hammer the Scammer! (livestream discussion)

Join full-time RVers, Russ & Kerry around the virtual campfire each Friday evening! Lively discussions centered around the RV community. Make sure to check out our Sunday conversations on RV learning/educational topics!

Show schedule:

**Intro & greetings

**Updates from the road Info on West Yellowstone meet-up! Make reservations at https://www.grizzlyrv.com/ don’t have an RV? Try: https://www.yellowstonekellyinn.com/

**Fun on tap for the evening: Hammer the Scammer!   This is part fun, part information. Russ recently had an experience with a scammer. We’ll share this funny experience, encourage others to share theirs and talk about how to identify and deal with scammers.