Q & A Tuesday! Your RV questions answered.

Join us every Tuesday as we answer your RV and lifestyle questions and highlight some of your great comments!

This week we answer: WiFi on the road, water hoses, sway control, instantpots, finding places to stay and a recommendation on a tool to use on our trip Alaska!

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Full-time RV Living Costs: Month 4 update

This month we started off in Tallahassee, Florida and traveled/made stops in Mississippi & Louisiana, spent some time in Texas (Livingston, Athens, Dallas, Milford, Waco, Abilene and Big Springs) and then moved on into New Mexico (Carlsbad, Anthony, City of Rocks and Elephant Butte). Whew! A busy month living in our Little Guy Max!

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NomadFest 2019 Cancelled!?

In Wednesday’s vlog, we reported that John Hebard from Hebard’s Travel and most notably, the RV Nomad Movie (which we also reviewed), announced that he and his wife would be departing the ENTV family. At the time, all that was released was that it was to focus more time on their travels and so that John could focus on a book he has been working on.

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What is RV Trip Wizard? and other trip planning tools

On our Tuesday Q & A, Randi (from Randi’s Adventures) asked us if we were doing anything special in preparation for our trip to Alaska this summer. To be honest, we have been keeping a relatively loose schedule and have not planned our exact route & time frame yet. We are in the process of meandering west and north slowly and enjoying the people & places we are finding along the way. That being said, if we want to get to Alaska by July, we should probably start planning something!

There are a lot of great apps out there. As a self-professed “app-aholic”, our two top favorites for finding locations and amenities are Allstays and Campendium. These both work really well for travel like what we have been doing lately – “on the go” information.

But what if you are planning a specific trip? While we were in Tampa at the 2019 RV Supershow, we met Mike Griffin from “RV Life in the Slow Lane” who talked with us about this great travel tool, RV Trip Wizard. Trip planning taken to the next level!

According to Mike, RV Trip Wizard allows users to plan their trips by selecting their destination and input their preferred travel intervals. So for example, we are in New Mexico and we want to get to Anchorage, Alaska but we don’t want to travel more than 200 miles a day. The tool plots your route and will then show you places to stay, costs, etc. You can select preferences within this as well. Good Sam member? Passport America? etc.

Here is where it stands out from the rest. Once you select your stops, you can save it to your itinerary. It displays the costs involved and allows you to write additional notes in a nice, easy to read display. Everything for your trip is in one place!

There is an annual charge ($45) per year.

For more info: https://www.rvtripwizard.com/

Russ & Kerry travel full-time in their Little Guy Max travel trailer. Check out their site at www.theroadsweroam.com to follow their travels!

For more information on Mike Griffin, check out his blog: http://slowlanerv.blogspot.com/

Click HERE for more information on the Little Guy Max!

RV News this week: Little Guy Max Giveaway, RVX, Escapees Escapade & More!

RV News 02/13/19

Stay up-to-date with RV news! Today we cover: Last day to enter to win a Mini Max! RV shipments projected for 3rd highest year, 2020 Escapade location announced, 2020 Chevy & GMC towing features and more!

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Q & A Tuesday! This week: Proven Industries, Roadside America and more!

Welcome to Q & A Tuesday where Russ and Kerry hear your questions & comments on air! This week we answer a Harvest Host question, Russ’s sewer hose mishap mystery is solved, question about hitch coupler locks, travel apps, Alaska trip questions & more in today’s video!

Question/Comment #1 submitted via audio message through www.theroadsweroam.com by Luis Ruiz. Luis is a BoondockersWelcome host and extended an offer for us to visit!

Question/Comment #2 submitted via audio message through www.theroadsweroam.com by Randi’s Adventures. Randi asks us what we are doing in preparation for our upcoming trip to Alaska!

Question/Comment #3 submitted via audio message through www.theroadsweroam.com by Kate : are you able to grill/cook out at Harvest Host sites?

Question/Comment #4 submitted via YouTube by Sherry Standefer: Don’t know what brand of sewer hose you have, but some have an O ring gasket in the end connection. It may have fallen out and you not noticed…..yes, you can buy replacement gaskets for your sewer hose.

Sewer Hose: https://amzn.to/2MVSxQL
Replacement Gaskets: https://amzn.to/2DrfcA5

Question/Comment #5 submitted via YouTube by Mary T: I have a question. Do you feel like a fishbowl with the front windows so big? Can people see you inside during the day or are the windows dark enough? How about in the evening when the lights are on?

Question/Comment #6 submitted via www.theroadsweroam.com Contact page by Gary Corsiglia: Hi! I just purchased a 2019 Little Guy Max Rough Rider – can’t wait to get it on the road. What type of lock do you use to secure the trailer when it is unhitched from your vehicle? I noticed #2178-A on the Proven Industries web site is a square design and sells for $235. Yours appears to be rounded and better design and deterrent.

Link to coupler lock: https://www.provenlocks.com/products/model-2178-a

Question/Comment #7: submitted via www.theroadsweroam.com Contact page by Teresa Snyder: We have traveled on two very long road trips in the past five years. And spent thousands on rooms and dining out.
We just bought the little guy max in hopes of a lot more such trips that we can afford. I just wanted you to know about a road app We’ve used on both trips that made them much more appealing. Roadside America. It has ventured us in very interesting odd places. And we will continue using it in our new adventures

Some of the stops we have visited:

  1. Big fire hydrant at the Fire Museum in Beaumont TX – stop in and tell WyNell we said hello!
  2. Giant Pistachio in Alamagordo, NM
  3. Stonehenge II in Ingram, TX
  4. King of the Park, a 40ft tall stag made of rusted fenders, license plates etc just outside of San Antonio, TX -True to the Union monument in Comfort, TX
  5. Statue of Liberty Replica in Birmingham, AL
  6. Whistlestop Cafe in Juliette, GA

Another great app to use when on the road is the Historical Markers app! If you have ever driven by those brown “historical marker ahead” signs on the sides of the roads and wondered what it was – wonder no more! This app will locate where you are and show you the markers by you. Click on the pins and you see detailed info on the marker!

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