2018: Nov 18-24

Chilly air and cloudy skies cannot dampen the atmosphere in Nashville. While many people were grabbing Black Friday deals at the stores, Russ and I took advantage of having family “puppy-sit” Abbey and Billie and we set off to explore.

SoBro 1
Exploring Downtown Nashville

We started off on 4th street and initially planned on visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame. We got a bit distracted as we hit South Broadway as music flowing from each establishment lured us into store after store. I believe Russ was thankful that we live in our Little Guy Max with our limited space or we would have been walking home with armloads of shopping bags! Even window shopping can be exhausting and we quickly  worked up an appetite. We came upon Jason Aldean’s Kitchen and Rooftop Bar and had lunch. Russ learned to never walk away before giving his drink order 😉

Jason Aldeans

South Broadway at night is like a cowboy’s Vegas. Flashing lights, music and crowds galore. We met up with my sister and her husband for dinner at Rodizio Brazilian Steakhouse. They had all been here before, but it was my first time. Upon arrival, we were given a wooden stick with a green block on one end and a red block on the other and instructed to set it with the green block up to keep the servers coming, the red block up to take a break and to lie it on its side when you are ready for the check. With the “meat faucet” set to green, about every 2 minutes server after server approached our table with a different type of expertly prepared steak, chicken, ham, pork, or fish. They shave it off a giant skewer right at your table. There are side dishes available at a buffet station – but I never made it that far. I did, however, save room for dessert (priorities!!!). The chocolate cake was heavenly….

Long lost relative, Russ?

We could not go to Nashville without seeking out Antique Archaeology. I am guilty of bingeing American Pickers from time to time. It’s located in a really cool building with a lot of shops. There is limited paid parking across the street but the downtown trolleys also stop there. We walked by the storefront at first, as did a bunch of other people as we all wound up wandering around the interior of the Marathon building. Access to Antique Archaeology is from the exterior but it is easy to miss. If you go, it is located right next door to Bang Candy Co (which makes amazing peanut butter fudge, by the way). Inside Antique Archaeology, we saw many items that we have seen on the tv shows. They have a lot of merchandise such as mugs, tshirts, hats, etc with their logo on it for sale as well.

Antique Archaeology
Antique Archaeology in Nashville

The highlight of the week though was Thanksgiving. Russ and I have spent many years far away from family during the holidays so it was extra special to be here. A full house, lots of food and we even had sunshine – what more can you ask for!

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How we check the torque on our Little Guy Max and the tools we use

As we mentioned in VLOG #10 we put together a video on how to check your torque on the Little Guy Max. We have seen online that people were wondering what tools to get and whether or not you had to have a lot of upper body strength to do it.  This video will show you what tools we use and I even stepped in and gave it a shot – very easy, trust me!

UPDATE 11/25/2018: We followed the directions as outlined in our 2018 User Manual setting torque to 110-120 ft/lbs. It has been brought to our attention that in an August bulletin, it recommends 100 ft/lbs. We have an inquiry into Liberty Outdoors and are waiting for verification on the right setting and will update here as soon as we hear back.

UPDATE 11/30/2018: Liberty Outdoors responded to my request and said they have updated their instructions and you should set your torque wrench to 100 ft/lbs.

Watch the video and we will put links to the tools below. Let us know if you have any questions!

3/8 Inch Drive 20ft lb to 100 ft lb click Torque Wrench

Kobalt 337834 3/8-Inch Drive x 13/16-Inch Spark Plug Socket

Kobalt 337350 3/8-Inch Drive x 3 inch long wobble extension bar

Disclaimer: We are Amazon Affiliates and by clicking on our links and purchasing items we may receive a small percentage from the purchase price of your item (no additional cost to you). Funds go directly help support our channel – thank you so much for your support!

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