Season 1

Can two people travel for six months with their two dogs in a Little Guy Max? You bet they can!

Our Little Guy Max – A quick playlist

Want to know more about the Little Guy Max trailer and some of our time in it? This is the place to start.

A complete playlist of our weekly adventure videos!

Check out our Little Guy Max adventures! Each week, we did a feature video with highlights of our week. See where we went, and who we met along our journey in our Little Guy Max travel trailer.

Our daily vlogs

As newbie RVers, we documented our first six months through daily vlogs. Check out vlogs 1-100 for tips, tricks, issues we ran into on the road and what it was like living in a tiny trailer.

What Items Do You Need?

Click here for a link to items we needed specifically for our Little Guy Max.

Learning the Little Guy Max – how to videos

A few questions from people kept coming up, so we did a few videos to explain things a bit better. Check them out here.

The Cost of RVing

We spent six months on the road full-time in our Little Guy Max – what did it cost? This is a playlist of each month’s breakdown of costs. On month six, we provide a complete summary.

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