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RV nomads explore Florida – Tomoka State Park and Harvest Host’s Island Grove Winery

2019: January 5-12 Come roam the roads with us and see what we have been talking about all week in VLOGs 45-49!  We continue our travels in Florida and explore Tomoka State Park and meet Captain Corn, stay at another Harvest Host site –…

Vlog #45: “RV Nomads the Movie” Review and Full-time RV Living Daily Recap

Watch the RV Nomads Movie here: www.rvnomadsthemovie.com Note: the movie is free to watch, but you will be prompted to sign up as a member for my.epicnomad.life (which is also free). Update: As of 1/12/19 you can also watch it on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/UzyWyH9r-To