2019: Dec 29-Jan 4 Florida Faces & Places

Come roam the roads with us this week and see what we have been talking about all week in VLOGs 40-44!

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VLOG #43: Weight Distribution Hitches and Full-time RV Living Daily Recap

What are weight distribution hitches and should we be using? What are the benefits? Is there a downside to using them? We tackle that and more in today’s episode!

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VLOG #41: Q & A Tuesday and Full-time RV Living Daily Recap

LOTS of great questions & suggestions this week! We discuss ‘moochdocking’, nylock nuts, Little Guy Max windows, Boondockers Welcome, Lance Camper’s ultraGLOWstep & more!

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VLOG #36: Beating Google? Travel times & Full-time RV living daily recap

Driving apps are great at planning your drive and the estimated arrival times that it projects is a great feature. That being said, we have found that we can’t always plan around those travel times – tune in to see why!

VLOG #35: MPG towing a Little Guy Max & full-time RV living daily recap

We have been asked numerous times about our gas mileage when towing. In today’s video, we discuss our MPG as well as what things affect it while we are on the road.

Audio/Podcast of this VLOG: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/16564316

VLOG #34: RV Questions- Where do you dump? & Full-time RV living daily recap

Not everything is intuitive! You get this great RV that has a bathroom but what do you do with the waste? If you are staying a campground you probably have hookups or there is a place on-site. But what if you are boondocking – or on the road? We recently had to figure this out as we have been using our portable waste tank and we do not have sewer setup where we are staying. Watch our daily VLOG #34 to see what we found out!

LINKS from this episode:

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2018: Dec 9-15

We don’t care that it was cold out …. the sun made a rare appearance this week and we took full advantage of it. We visited a famous location from Fried Green Tomatoes, had a merry old time in Santa Claus, Georgia (we passed on the fruitcake in Claxton though) and Abbey and Billie got their sea-legs at Tybee Island!

Most importantly, we finally got the furnace issue resolved!!

Links referenced:

Fried Green Tomatoes

Captain Mike’s Dolphin Tours


Jack’s RV Service

2018: Dec 2-8

After several weeks in Tennessee, we packed up and moved on towards Georgia. While we were in Hartsville, we purchased a 15 gallon portable waste tank that Russ had to figure out how we were going to secure it for transport. The bed of our truck is already full and due to the curve of the Little Guy Max in the back, we couldn’t find a way to secure it there. This tank does have grooves to aid in strapping it to the back of a typical RV (a photo showed it strapped to the ladder that goes to the roof), but since we don’t have that, we had to improvise. I have to hand it to Russ, he did a pretty good job and he not only shows how he did it in the video below, but why he did it the way he did.

Before we left there was something we just had to do. During our time in Hartsville, a gorgeous blue-gray longhaired cat had been frequenting our campsite. We checked around and he did not belong to anyone. He is incredibly friendly and rushed to greet us whenever we were around. While we were there, we had set up a box with blankets and bedding in it for him to keep warm as there weren’t any structures around for him to seek out warmth and we also fed him. We were sorely tempted to try take him with us, but there really wasn’t that much more room left in our 18 feet of living space to give him the home he deserved. My sister recommended the no-kill shelter in her area so we gave them a call. Thankfully, they were willing to take him in if we were able to pay a small intake fee – which we were happy to do. They tested him for feline leukemia (he tested negative) and said he should be up for adoption in about 10 days. Check their website out at New Leash on Life – they named him “Tex” since we are from Texas!

As we mentioned in our vlogs, we had been setting the torque to 110-120 ft/lbs per the instructions in our manual that we received when we purchased our Little Guy Max. We found out there was a bulletin released by Liberty Outdoors in August 2018 (Bulletin: Torque) that updated it with instructions to set it at 100 ft/lbs. Russ loosened all of our lug nuts and reset the torque to 100 ft/lbs. Our manual also states you should recheck your torque at 50-100-150 miles after you have changed your tire or removed lug nuts. Because we had just reset them, we pulled off at a rest stop for our first check – and several had moved.

Since we had a late start leaving Hartsville, we spent the night at the KOA in Manchester, Tennessee. As we got ready to leave the next morning, Russ did the second torque check and quite a few lug nuts needed to be adjusted. So glad he checked!!  We did our third check at a stop on our route to Georgia and the third check resulted in all lug nuts being fine. Whew!!

On our way to Acworth, Georgia, our friends Kate and KV recommended we stop by Georgia Winery. This place has so much more than great wine. They have fudge, jams, jellies, gift baskets, etc and they have free tastings daily. We purchased Scarlett for one of our upcoming Friday Night Wine livestreams!

As we pulled up to our destination in Acworth, we were greeted by our friends KV and Kate. They are fellow Little Guy Max owners – their LGM “Gypsy” is identical to our “Teddy”. We were able to entice Kate and KV to join us during our Friday Night Wine session and we had a blast. Sweet Abbey made a new friend and romped around with their dog, Sophie (a gorgeous 11-year-old Great Pyrenees). Little Billie does what she normally does and glued herself to my side.

We continued on to Atlanta where I have to be for a few days for work. We had been so busy we had been unaware of the winter storm, Diego, rolling through the southeast. We have become so accustomed to rain and cold weather that we just thought this was the norm, but apparently, Diego is a big deal. We are thankful we were able to be off the road to let the storm move on and the roads to clear up.

That’s all for now, stay safe!