VLOG #38: Newbie Mistakes We Have Made and Full-time RV Living Daily Recap

Just when we think we have it all figured out……we don’t! Today we made a few mistakes as we set up at our first Harvest Host location. This prompted us to revisit other mistakes we have made so far (we know we have many, many more in our future). Tune in to see what we did (or didn’t) do!

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VLOG #37: Where to go when everything is booked? & Full-time RV Living Daily Recap

WHERE WE ARE: Hernando, FL 

WEATHER: Sunny! 70’s in the day – low for tonight in the 50’s

TOPIC: Options for when everything is booked!
Everything is booked and you don’t want to spend a night at Walmart? Tune in to see what we are doing when faced with that very situation. 

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VLOG #36: Beating Google? Travel times & Full-time RV living daily recap

Driving apps are great at planning your drive and the estimated arrival times that it projects is a great feature. That being said, we have found that we can’t always plan around those travel times – tune in to see why!

2018: Dec 16-22

This week we were very hands-on with our Little Guy Max! Russ found a rusting issue on our frame, figured out where the cut-off switch for the jack is and we solved our question “where do we dump our tanks when boondocking”! Along the way, we stopped to see newborn puppies at a local rescue and did some shopping.

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