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First BLM Boondocking Experience!

Come roam the roads with us this week as we try our hand at boondocking on BLM land for the first time!

RV nomads explore Florida – Tomoka State Park and Harvest Host’s Island Grove Winery

2019: January 5-12 Come roam the roads with us and see what we have been talking about all week in VLOGs 45-49!  We continue our travels in Florida and explore Tomoka State Park and meet Captain Corn, stay at another Harvest Host site –…

VLOG #44: Campground Wrap-up and Full-time RV Living Daily Recap

How do nomads break up their week? Where do they stay? Each week we’re going to update you on where we stayed, how much it cost, and what goes into the decision process. This week we had a combination of staying at a county…