Q & A Tuesday

It’s Q & A Tuesday! Every week we answer your questions about living in our Little Guy Max. This week we cover:

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Things we were scared of as Newbie RVers

Vlog 58

Today we discuss some of the things we were most worried about when we first started RVing and how we feel about them now 3 months along.

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RV Movie Day! Our review of “Historic Camping & Teardrop Trailer” Documentary

We can’t get enough of camping and RVing so each week we watch and review a movie/documentary with an RV-theme to it. This week, we watched “Historic Camping & Teardrop Trailers” a documentary by educator Mark Janke as he searches for the roots of teardrop trailers.

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Q & A Tuesday

Vlog #56

Q+A Tuesday! Tune in to hear Kerry and Russ answer some of the viewer questions and comments submitted over the last week.

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Vlog #55 3 month financial review – what it cost us full-time RV living

Vlog #55

3 months as full-time RVers in our Little Guy Max! We review our expenses over the last month compared to months 1 and 2. Categories covered:

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Roaming the roads at the RV Supershow in Tampa!

2019 RV Supershow

Come roam the roads with us on this special episode where we explore the 2019 RV Supershow in Tampa, FL! Note – there just might be a million dollar RV (or two!) in there 🙂

Vlog #53 Florida RV SuperShow Day 2 Tampa Florida

Vlog #53

Florida RV Supershow day 2! Tune in and hear about some of the trends we noticed among this year’s crop of RV’s (with a special focus on small RV’s) and our visit with Joe Kicos and Anthony Chiera from Liberty Outdoors.

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Vlog #52 Florida RV Supershow Tampa and Goal Zero Sherpa 100 AC Portable Power Bank

Vlog 52
  • Update to our search for a silent back-up power source for our electronics while boondocking!
  • First day impressions from the Florida RV Supershow in Tampa!
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Vlog #51 Little Guy Max Full-time RV Living: Q & A Tuesday

This week we cover surge protector security, shower condensation, propane tanks and ways to keep your items safe during transit!


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VLOG 50: “Vanlifers” movie review & full-time RV life daily recap


VLOG 50: “Vanlifers” Documentary Review & Full-time RV Living in our Little Guy Max Daily Recap

Russ and Kerry review “Vanlifers: Portrait of an Alternative Lifestyle” which delves into 13 stories of people from different countries who have chosen to live the #vanlife. See singles, couples and families who have broken away from traditional ways of living and hear what made them choose this life, challenges they face and how they manage their finances.

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RV nomads explore Florida – Tomoka State Park and Harvest Host’s Island Grove Winery

2019: January 5-12

Come roam the roads with us and see what we have been talking about all week in VLOGs 45-49!  We continue our travels in Florida and explore Tomoka State Park and meet Captain Corn, stay at another Harvest Host site – Island Grove Winery in Hawthorne where we go on a fantastic tour and learn all about how they turn their organically grown blueberries into the most amazing wine and sangria, and while there, Abbey meets the vineyard’s unofficial ‘host’ – Blue! They quickly became the best of friends as you will see!

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